Jun 3, 2012
Iulian M.

How to improve your mixing skills . Ears training ( Frequencies )

Like i said in another post EQ is one of the most important tool that you have to manipulate sounds , a tool that can really make the difference between a mediocre mix or a great mix .

Having these in consideration , a great way to improve your mixing skills is to know how certain frequencies sound . These will help you in the decision making process ( what should you boost or what sould you cut , what frequency sounds good and if they should be enhanced or what frequency sounds bad and should be atenuated ) .

It`s the same with visual sense , you know the colors because you have seen them before . You know to recognize the colors in a paiting because you know how each color looks like . If you know how individual frequencies sound you will know how to improve the quality of your mixes .

For this purpose i made a set of presets for Presonus Studio One Pro EQ that can help you KNOWING and IDENTIFYING faster and more acurate frequencies .
The presets are divided in three categories :

1. 20dB – 8 presets with a 20dB boost on 100hz , 250hz , 500hz , 1khz , 3khz , 5khz , 10khz and 20khz
2. 10dB – 8 presets with a 10dB boost on 100hz , 250hz , 500hz , 1khz , 3khz , 5khz , 10khz and 20khz
3. 5dB – 8 presets with a 5dB boost on 100hz , 250hz , 500hz , 1khz , 3khz , 5khz , 10khz and 20khz

You can use this presets with any audio material that you want ( drums , bass , guitars , piano or master bus ) .
For example if you`re a guitar player and you want to know how to eq and mix your guitar tracks import a guitar sound and listen to the presets ( on and bypased ) , listen how the boosts influenced the sound of your guitar and learn what frequecies sounds good or bad .
I recomend starting with the 20dB category because the changes in the sound will be more obvious and easier to identify .

After going trough the 20db category and If you`re confident you can advance to the 10dB or 5dB category where the changes in the sound are more subtle .

Enjoy and keep training you ears !

You can download the presets from HERE .

( Copy the presets in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER\My Documents\Studio One\Presets\PreSonus\Pro Eq)

Regards , iulian 2probeats


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